According to a recent trend fitness trainers and wellness coaching is still in an upward trend. This is expect to continue! We can help possibly with weight loss but also with eating healthier and reversing poor health. For years I have suffered with numerous health issues and obesity. Along the way, I have found numerous life changing Natural Health solutions and wanted to become owner to my own company. These issues have changed my life and they ultimately changed the direction of my life. I obtained my Natural Health Counselor Certification to be able to help myself as much as others. I wanted to find out how to heal my own body and achieve greater health for others as the owner of a Natural Health Owner. So far, I am down 40 pounds, which I am thrilled about and as Owner I want this to be improved even more. I feel better and look better but I will also be able to help my clients as I continue to slim down with them. Perfect looking people cannot always help those trying to lose weight. As Owner as someone who understands as they have walked in their shoes. There are so many if not most all health issues, which cannot benefit by improving your nutrition and becoming more active.

Emotions play an important role in both weight loss as well as eating healthier. Our emotion vials could play a critical role in weight. I used these myself to help me with resetting my emotions back to a healthier state. You can see very subtle shifts in your thinking. Give it a try, might be extremely helpful to you as well. I pair a weight control vial with other emotions impacted by your eating. Emotions like anger, worry and OCD.

The idea is becoming increasingly popular with the public, it’s only beginning to catch on with Doctors. More and more Doctors are becoming fans of wellness coaching, in fact some Medical Doctors are becoming wellness coaches.

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