Vial 7 Includes Vial 1-6 Plus Organs and Endocrines

Allergy Eliminator – Work With Me And Your Allergies Will Not Be Back!

Vial 7 is a combination of vials 1-6 and includes all of your internal organs, hormones and endocrine glands.

By treating all of the allergens again in this vial, we eliminate any problems with food combination. In reality, we eat all of things together so we must treat all of them together.

We also have found that many people are allergic to themselves, believe it or not, so we treat them for that in this last vial. Remember, if you aren’t allergic to something, it does no harm to treat yourself anyway.

This is a comprehensive treatment that treats so many of the things that we find rob you of your health, your life and most people aren’t aware how extensive the problem. We guarantee our treatment methods and promise results that far exceed your initial investment. Take us up on it. You will be amazed at how good you feel after finishing this simple protocol. We guarantee it.


Natural Health Relief Strategies Vial 7 Combination 1-6 and Organs and hormones