Vial 5 Treats Sugar and Candida

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Vial 5 treats sugar cravings, digestive issues, foggy thinking, fungal infections, acne and bloating. We treat for sugar again because allergies to sugar are devastating to the normal functioning of the body. Most sugar allergies don’t show up in a noticeable reaction but wreaks havoc on every system in the body. After eating sugar, your immune system is negatively affected for many hours. Children that have sugar with every meal have an impaired immune system and typically come home with whatever is going around vial 5. Then they share it with the whole family. After treating for sugars and candida, a strengthening of the immune system just has to follow.

The real problem with candida is not that the candida is there, but that there is too much of it. The candida and bacteria live in a specific balance and ratio inside us. When something happens to change this ratio (antibiotics), the balance is upset and the candida overgrows. A good example of this is when a woman takes an antibiotic, she often gets a yeast infection. This occurs because the antibiotic not only kills the harmful bacteria that are causing the initial problem, they kill the good ones, too.

Sugar is one of the hardest allergens to treat. Sugar is not recognized by traditional doctors as an allergen — after all, our body breaks down all of our food into glucose, or blood sugar — so how can anyone be allergic to sugar? Although sugar may not register on a standard allergy test, too much sugar (or carbohydrates with a high glycemic value) does invoke a response similar to what the immune system mounts to an allergen. Most people have to be treated more than once for sugars so we add it again in this vial.

Because there is so much sugar in the typical diet, there is also an overabundance of candida, a bacteria in our digestive tract that lives on sugar and is harmful to our well being.



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