Vial 4 Treats Vaccines and Vaccinations

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Vial 4 includes treating vaccines and vaccinations, which treats fatigue, aches/pains, ADD, ADHD and behavioral problems. Childhood vaccinations sound like a good idea but they have not been proven to be as effective as we would like. Regardless of your point of view, most, if not all of our kids have received them. The bigger issues is a simple illness like measles could become epidemic levels and put non-vaccinated children at risk. The real problem is how they manufacture vaccinations and what they use to preserve them. In the past vaccinations, mercury and aluminum are added to enhance to help preserve them together with many other toxins.

Patients immunized with vaccines (included in the UK childhood immunization schedule) are more likely to be diagnosed with asthma than un-vaccinated children, a study of 29,000 patients suggests these are evident.

The vaccinations leave a residue in the body. That is the purpose, to teach the immune system to fight these evil predators that want to make us sick.

We’ve found that treating these child vaccinations and vaccines have amazing effects. The combination of treating for the basic foods and vial 4 changes the chemical makeup in the brain. We see kids that were labeled as emotionally handicapped and used to act out, calm down. We also see kids that were in special classes, mainstreamed to regular classes. We see the symptoms of ADD and ADHD subside. We see miracles in behavior that will shock and amaze you. It sounds too good to be true, but that is what we see.



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