Natural Health Relief Strategies - Cathi Dunkelberger - Owner

As the Owner of Natural Health Relief Strategies, I have suffered with numerous health issues and obesity. Along the way, I have found numerous life changing Natural Health solutions and wanted to become owner to my own Natural Health business. It is a dream come true for me. The solutions I have found have changed my life and they ultimately changed the direction of my life. I obtained my Natural Health Counselor Certification to be able to help myself as much as others. I wanted to find out how to heal my own body and achieve greater health for others as the owner of a Natural Health Owner. So far, I am down 80 pounds, which I am thrilled about and as the Owner I want this to be improved even more. I feel better and look better but I will also be able to help my clients as I continue to slim down with them. Perfect looking people cannot always help those trying to lose weight. As Owner as someone who understands as they have walked in their shoes. There are so many if not most all health issues, which cannot benefit by improving your nutrition and becoming more active.

Recently, many Fitness Trainers have been trying a new technique where they gain as much weight as they as possible within the first 4 months prior to helping their new clients. Often they gain as much as 40-75 pounds. They also increase their calories to as much as 12,000 calories a day.  They also cannot work out during their gaining period.  After the four month they were found to be more empathetic, compassionate and became better trainers because of this life changing experience. Many trainers have never had to lose weight and did not know what feels like to work out being overweight. They found they had similar self-esteem issues related to how they look and many became very emotional. Their clients found the commitment of the trainer to gain weight and lose it with them, was powerful and quite an impact.  They worked out along with their clients trying to lose all the weight they gained over the next four months.   Many personal trainers are very compulsive about their eating and working out.  They because much more balanced in their thinking.  I am hoping to be able to help others to lose weight. These Owners did a better job after experiencing new revelations.

For seven years I have been doing Allergy Elimination Treatments with friends and family or others referred to me.  I have wanted to be the Owner of Natural Health business ever since to help people with their allergies. This has been life changing not just for me but others I have been able to treat.  One individual I worked with had their Doctor tell them they had no nutrients showing up in their body.  They were diagnosed with Osteoporosis at age just 32 but this is now reversing. All their nutrient testing were at zero or negative numbers (I did not know negative numbers were possible.) Within two months all nutrients were in normal ranges because of clearing food allergies. Their body could now absorb nutrients from the foods she was eating.  This individual ate very healthy and rarely ever ate anything not beneficial to their body.  Ideal as long as you can absorb these! In this case eating healthy was not enough because absorption was not possible due to the food allergies. The body was pushing food through her system to get rid of it without absorbing anything.  Our Allergy treatments can help with Foods/Nutrients and Seasonal/Environmental or Chemicals. Emotions can be reset to a healthier state.

I am also a Certified Life Coach and I have been doing Coaching for the last seven years. I look forward to being Owner of Coaching business. It does NOT involve giving you advice or telling you how to change/fix your life.  Life Coaching helps YOU to recognize priorities and help YOU to abandon baggage holding YOU back.  Achieve RELIEF by YOUR own efforts!   I am so passionate about the benefits YOU can get from Life Coaching. This can be done in person, via Skype or on the telephone and all are effective.  I have seen life changing experiences helping people go from complete despair to happiness.

In one situation a wife was dealing with a controlling spouse. They treated their spouse as a second rate member of the family.  Often showing their children more respect than their spouse.  In so many ways this spouse was making their spouse very unhappy.   Life Coaching helped this individual to find their own joy and this was not dictated by the spouses actions.  They discovered what they truly wanted to do with their life and this truly was life changing.   Again, remember it was THEY who did all the hard work! THEY were ready for change!  Has the spouse changed to make their life better?  Not so much! The saying is with marriage is “It takes two people working hard.” This example shows happiness comes from within YOU.

Life transitions can be very difficult and Coaching can make this an easier process.   Issues like dealing with a divorce, getting married, changing careers or any other situation in which Coaching could benefit YOU.   We will discuss progress, improvements and re-assess in order to meet your goals to help you attain YOUR goals.  We will be supportive and motivating helping you work toward improvements.  It is a great process to help you to get unstuck, with YOU in the driver’s seat. As Owner we are going to be offering Group Life Coaching.

I am also a

Our center also offers Ionized Foot Spa Detox. This is an amazing, energizing treatment helps to make great – thrilled to be offering this as the Owner! Rids the body of toxins and you feel better in general. This treatment is warm and relaxing, you will be shocked to see what comes out from the body. The combination of metal, salt and water combine drawing out toxins hiding in the fluids in the body in each of the organs of the body. The unit tags it with specific colors and textures, which we can read to see what is going on in the body. There are acupressure points in feet all coordinate with each of the organs in the body.

Our center also provide essential oils, Bees In A Bottle and so many other helpful/healthful items.