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Natural Health Relief Strategies - Leaky-Gut

Leaky Gut Syndrome or LGS is a medical term that means the intestinal lining of the digestive tract has become too porous and allows small food particles to enter the bloodstream which triggers an allergic and chemical response. Since LGS can cause allergies and allergies can cause LGS, both problems have to be treated simultaneously.

The stomach breaks down the food so that the energy in it can be absorbed. And the gut acts as a filtering system to separate the waste from the vitamins, enzymes, minerals and nutrients and allows this nutrition to enter the bloodstream through very small holes in the gut. When these holes get too large, because of allergies and poor digestion, food particles, bacteria and waste material enters the bloodstream.

This predigested food doesn’t belong in the bloodstream and causes the the immune system to react and create an allergic reaction. This reaction will begin to produce antibodies designed to fight against these foreign objects (which can be things such as the Casein protein from the milk you’re drinking, or other proteins in nuts, grains, or eggs). Even chemicals normally found in foods such as Phenols and Glycerin can now trigger immune responses when they enter the body.

The immediate reaction to these undigested food particles is an immune response. Your liver has to work overtime to filter out all these particles that your gut was supposed to filter out. In most cases, the liver doesn’t have a chance to keep up with this steady stream of waste into your blood and all the toxins, undigested food particles, yeast and other pathogens start to accumulate in your body.

This triggers the immune system to pitch in and go full out to rectify the problem. Many of the foreign bodies that slipped by, are absorbed into the tissues throughout the body, causing inflammation. Inflammation is also an immune response and causes even more stress on your system. Now that your body is focused on fighting the large war, the little battles are starting to be ignored, like filtering out the blood, calming inflamed areas of the body, fighting bacteria, regulating the gut, and the absorption of nutrition. This process flow can lead to your body fighting itself and an array of autoimmune diseases, besides malabsorption of the foods that are causing the problem in the first place.

Rather than just addressing the symptoms, it is necessary to heal and repair the gut. Some of the ways to do that are:

  • Digestive Enzymes are helpful with leaky gut because they address several aspects. Digestive enzymes break down the food particles before they hit the gut and are small enough for the blood to absorb without triggering an immune response. What is nice about digestive enzymes is they can help both a leaky gut and malabsorption at the same time.
  • Probiotics are another method to help in the digestion and breakdown of the foods and create the proper balance among the bacteria, yeast and microorganisms.
  • Oats have also been found to be beneficial in repairing the gut.
  • Predigested Fish Protein can help repair the gut because the proteins are easily digested and available for immediate use without irritating the gut.

While you’re repairing the gut, it is beneficial to eliminate your allergies so that they don’t add to the problem. Allergies disrupt the digestive tract by causing an overabundance of stomach acids. Other times, foods will rot and putrefy in the gut because your body is allergic to them.

Eliminating your allergic problems is easy using a natural allergy treatment called The Allergy Kit. It’s a home treatment that stops allergies in their tracks. Imagine how you would feel without allergies and be able to eat whatever you want without worry or adverse symptoms.

Natural Health Relief Strategies - Leaky Gut Symdrome