Allergy Eliminator – Work With Me And Your Allergies Will Not Be Back!

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HayFever is one of the most common allergies of all. The Natural Health Relief Strategies Hayfever treatment retrains the immune system using natural allergy remedies. It eliminates the allergy symptoms from pollens with an easy, fast, effective treatment that you can do at home. Many people associate this type of allergy primarily with outdoor exposure to pollen. Significant levels of pollen can be found inside causing Hayfever to flare.

Because pollen is wind-borne; they will blow indoors and trigger allergic reactions for many.

  • Sneezing is the most common allergy symptom and may be accompanied by a runny or stuffed up nose.

  • Itching eyes, nose and throat.

  • Dark circles under the eyes caused by restricted blood flow near the sinuses can be caused by allergies.

  • The “allergic salute” (in a child, persistent upward rubbing of the nose that causes a crease mark on the nose)

  • Watery eyes

  • Conjunctivitis (an inflammation of the membrane that lines the eyelids, causing red-rimmed eyes).

Plants produce microscopic round or oval pollen grains to reproduce Hayfever reactions. In some species, the plant uses the pollen from its own flowers to fertilize itself. Other types must be cross-pollinated; that is, in order for fertilization to take place and seeds to form, pollen must be transferred from the flower of one plant to that of another plant of the same species. Insects do this job for certain flowering plants, while other plants rely on wind transport.

The types of pollen that most commonly cause Hayfever allergic reactions are produced by the plain-looking plants (trees, grasses, and weeds) do not have showy flowers. These plants manufacture small, light, dry pollen granules that are custom-made for wind transport. Samples of ragweed pollen have been collected 400 miles out at sea and two miles high in the air. Because airborne pollen is carried for long distances, it does little good to rid an area of an offending plant–the pollen can drift in from many miles away. In addition, most allergenic pollen comes from plants that produce it in huge quantities. A single ragweed plant can generate a million grains of pollen a day.

It is almost impossible to avoid this pollen. They are everywhere. For this reason, the best approach is to retrain the immune system to ignore the usual reaction and have no reaction like most other people. The Natural Health Relief Strategies’ Hayfever treatment does just that. It erases the allergy symptoms by balancing the acupuncture meridians in the presence of the allergen. In this way, the allergy is eliminated and you will be able to breathe better during any season.

Natural Health Relief Strategies - Girl with hayfever