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Coaching in a group setting is amazing with so many benefits and usefulness. This method continues to increase in satisfaction for clients and Coaches alike. Group Coaching is a focused conversation while still centering on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action and accountability. This style of coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context. Utilizing general standards and core competencies based on International Coaching Federation ethics. Virtual or digital groups via Skype or the telephone conference setting tend to be smaller but I would still consider a group of 8 as a maximum.

Over the past few years, Coaches have continued to expand the boundaries of group coaching. Whether you are a Coach designing your own programs. These could be for business owners, those in career transition or a focus group on a common issue. Group coaching offers many benefits to coach and client alike. Group coaching can be either virtual on Skype or the telephone and in-person. The advantage of virtual is participants can be any where in the world including different time zones. Participants in another country may need to cannot via Skype due to excessive cost.

In a Group Coaching session, you benefit from the collective knowledge and experience from learning from others experience. This group learning is often as important as guided by interaction with the Coach. Groups make people feel much less on the spot to respond and they have time to collect their thoughts.

The Group Coaching gives the clients more time to reflect and add their insights. Group Coaches allows clients to step back to create a strong foundation for the group to emerge, form and develop. Individual coaching or Group coaching is ALWAYS about the individual’s journey but with a group you the collective will be considered.

Group Coaching allows for benefits for clients and Coaches both. Coaches may find that group coaching is a powerful way to utilize their time and resources. Coaches benefit because it enables them enabling them to work with more clients over less time. This allows Coaches to provide Group Coaching at a lower price per individual, making more affordable.

Corporate Group Coaching is also available to bring benefit to the entire organization. For example you could have a group of managers in a Group setting. Your organization may need help and opening communication is vital for a company to thrive. Maybe you need to open up the lines of communication between departments. Often there are issues between departments like customer service and management. We will keep groups small so you can better serve the groups you have. Over time these relationships create a valuable lines of communications across an organization. This helps to provide on-going accountability structure for the employees of the company. Group coaching is an on-going process and this support could change over time. You could create bonds, which can last for years and benefit the company for long after Coaching.

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