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Natural Health Relief Strategies - Emotional Clearing

Our Emotion Clearing works on the same principle as our Allergy Relief by reprogramming the body to react normally to outside stimulus. The energy of our emotions can get corrupted, distorted and damaged by well-meaning people, friends and family as we grew up. This applies to everyone!  Unlike the chemical, environmental and food/nutrient vials, which are once and done typically, the emotional vial must be repeated to sustain the benefits. Thus the price for the emotion vials are repeated five times at no additional charge.   We all have triggers and these will reset these long standing emotions  and it could happen a trigger could cause a need to repeat the emotions two months later.   We will work with you on these.  I have seen shifts after one treatment with no need to repeat!

We can over think things, our feelings can become over exaggerated or we can get stuck rehashing the past or worry about the future for no apparent reason. We are not able to experience emotions the way they were intended. We call this emotional overload. The Emotion Vial reprograms our emotions to the original template.

We eliminate the incorrect habitual habits getting us in trouble. One individual was struggling losing weight and using the weight control vial did the trick for her.  We treated emotions she struggled with along with the weight control vial to imprint resetting specific emotions as they related to her weight.  She saw small shifts in their thinking unconsciously choosing the right foods and even getting more thoughts about exercising and becoming more active.

As you treat your emotions, you’ll be more able to control them.  The negative energy will stop controlling you.  There is also a correlation between emotions and our organ systems. These vials treat both the underlying organ and endocrine systems along with the emotion at the same time.   I worked with a couple both of which had issues with anger and on the other side of the coin patience. We worked to reset both and both saw significant improvement over time treating these emotions. They were both thrilled with the improvements in their marriage.


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