Allergy Eliminator – Your Allergies Will Not Be Back!


Natural Health Relief Strategies - Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmers market Basic 7

With all the factors in our life and our environment there are some very vital things, which weaken the immune system making the Basic 7 so important. Chemicals and pesticides not just in our environment but also in our food make it very difficult. Our approach is to strengthen the immune system in order to by getting rid of some of the most basic allergens within our body. We do this through the Basic 7! This allows us to treat literally hundreds of allergens before getting to your really tough allergens. This includes chemical allergens and environmental (seasonal) allergens.
The first basic vial one includes eggs, dairy, cheeses, yogurt, C vitaminsfruits, Vitamin C based vegetables, parasites and so much more! Just imagine all fruit, all dairy and vegetables we are treating hundreds of allergens with just one treatment.
Vial basic two includes most all sugars and your B vitamins. Sugars are treated twice in the basic seven first with the B complex vitamins and the second time with Candida and yeast. This is because the combination of these separately. It was discovered basic sugars need to be treated with each group to effectively treat sugars completely. You will see each of these vials will weaken your body. Even after treating vial two sugars you will still be sensitive to vial five once vial two was treated.
The third basic treatment treats Heavy Metals, Toxins, Petroleum Products and Minerals. Again, imagine how many allergens you are treating in just the one treatment. Just the minerals alone, is just tremendous and heavy metals is also excessive.
Vial four from the basic includes most of your common vaccines and vaccinations. These even leave a residue on the brain, which this treatment can help with. Some of these are known to cause some negative medical reaction.
The fifth basic vial helps stop sugar cravings, foggy thinking, digestive problems, fungus and athletes foot, exhaustion, excessive yeast issues and fatigue. This is treating your sugars again along with candida and yeast. This is important especially prior to treating for bread and gluten. Excessive yeast, essentially Candida come with a whole host of their own symptoms causing issues with your health.
The next vial, number basic six is very important because we see so much sensitivity to gluten and bread products today. With so many changes in our environment as immune systems weaken, we become more and more sensitive. Vial six is a natural allergy elimination treatment for Wheat Mix, Gluten and Grain Mix.
The final vial, number seven is a combination of all the previous six. When I did allergy elimination treatments over seven years ago, it was getting all the combinations covered was hard and expensive. For example I cleared Vitamin C and Iron but put them together I was still allergic if an item contained both. The beauty of this method is you are combining everything you have treated thus far with everything else so all combinations are covered. We eat all of things together so we must treat all of them together. It also includes all six organs and the endocrine system. Yes, you can be allergic to your own organs and hormones.