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It has helped me! I am a disabled senior that is not able to get out of bed often due to my poor health. I currently have a severe skin rash on my body, which I was desperate to see if the allergy treatments could help me. My daughter began using treatments and I was intrigued as to how it was helping her. I have always had severe candida/yeast issues for over 20 years. Due to this, my daughter felt my current skin issue was related to my known candida problem. When it came time for me to use do the treatment with sugar/candida, I had a slight reaction so we used a surrogate.  I could tell the difference in how the allergy treatments was helping me, in general to feel better. Since I have so many issues with candida, we also placed a capsule of the probiotic (that I often take) on my stomach along with some of the vials during my treatment. This too seems to be helping! I am excited to continue using this product and not even have to leave my bed to do so!!!!! Thanks!

Marion - Sugar & Candida Issues, Location Not Submitted

Hello Cathi, I just wanted to let you know, for 3 years since the bacterial virus I had a TERRIBLE ITCH in my left under arm pit EVERYDAY since then, but after my treatment with you yesterday I don't have it AT ALL anymore. I know it is still early but remember I had it every day and all day. This is the first day I DON'T HAVE IT AT ALL. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH.

Debby - Vial 1 Treatment - Dairy - Calcium - Chicken Components – Vitamin C - Parasites, Emmaus, PA

I have suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) off and on for 15 years. I was miserable and humiliated and did not want people to see me for what I had become. I had fatigue, muscle soreness, joint pain, brain fog, weakness, confusion, dizziness, asthma and etc.  I also developed allergies to Dairy, Wheat, Eggs, Sugars, Dogs, Cats and more. My condition had become so bad it was difficult for me to even get through a complete bath/shower and would be completely exhausted afterward.  Let me tell you and everyone out there, it eliminated my chronic fatigue syndrome OVER NIGHT!!!!! And yes, It was gone!!!!! I woke up the next morning and did not have pain or fatigue for the first time in a very long time.  I was in shock that feeling was gone. Now, I just keep getting better and better.  Several friends and family members have told me that I look different, my eyes are bright and sparkling again and that I do not look puffy anymore.  Happiness! A Miracle! Thank you so very much for my life back.  So very grateful! Now for my family & friends...I have a friend that has been allergic to gluten his whole life, (he is 33 years old now.) It was severe enough they took out a piece of his intestine when he was younger.  We waited about 24 hours then he slowly ate a few crackers, nothing, just slight stomachache. (Usually, severe cramping and diarrhea.) He called me and was so excited he had a piece of Pizza!  I said, be careful about is gaining weight! I have helped my Daughter-in-law treat for pollen, weeds, & grass, so far so good, only a week into that treatment.  Will treat her for Cats & Dogs. Thank You!

Kristi B - Food Allergies - Gluten Sensitivity - Seasonal Allergies & Pet Allergies Treatments for Their Animals, Page, AZ

Family Loves Allergy Treatments!!!!! I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since the age of 5. After having my second child, I received a vaccination, which seemed to trigger my health to decline quickly in several areas. I now have additional health issues with my thyroid, adrenal and weight. I have noticed recently that each time I am exposed to pesticides (even in mild form), I feel like I have the flu for days. I have been on an almost 100% grain free diet for a while now, but it has not helped my health as I had hoped it would. By the time I completed all 7 vials, my body seemed to feel stronger. I no longer felt tired each morning, instead I had energy which I had not felt in almost 10 years. I was able to eat sourdough bread with no issues (as before using this, I could not eat any form of gluten without my stomach really hurting for a day or two). I have noticed that my sense of smell has become more alive (and I did not even realize that it was not functioning properly before using). I no longer feel stress constantly. I am sure using the stress vial with each treatment has greatly helped with this. My family has shared with me MANY times that they can tell that I am more calm as a whole and especially during stressful situations. I also used my own salt glass container and a bottle of my insulin during some of my final kit treatments just to see if they might hold. I think these helped me both on a cellular level and with my glucose control. My body now feels thinner, not bloated around my stomach (as I often have felt over the past few years.)

Mari - Food Allergies - Gluten & Vaccinations, Summerville, SC

Change Daughter's Life! The allergy treatments have already changed my daughter's life dramatically. She is 22 and she has not known a single day without nausea since she was 4 years old... until NOW! We just completed the 7 vials on her and the nausea disappeared after vial number 2. She has been dangerously under-weight for years, but has gained 8 pounds in the past 2 weeks. This is an answer to prayer. I am also doing the treatments.

Donde W - Food Allergies, Location Not Submitted

I am excited to tell you the progress I've been making since I've started your allergy elimination therapies: For decades I've not eaten pork because I don't digest it well. I also need to stay away from anything with refined sugar and chemicals. I received a few allergy therapies from you, then went to a close friend's house to eat. He was so excited to share his favorite recipe with me; pork slowly marinated all day in a purchased sauce, which I'm sure had my no-no ingredients. I was able to eat, and enjoy, his prized pork with no ill effects. - None what-so-ever. I believe your allergy elimination therapies are truly beneficial and will be quick to recommend these to others.

Beth H - Food Allergies, Hamburg, PA

Cathi is such a caring, helpful, and supportive health care practitioner. She always went the extra mile, doing everything possible to accommodate us and customize the allergy protocol to our needs, doing extra research if necessary to make sure we received the best treatment possible! Vanessa and I are thrilled with the improved digestion. It's great to be able to eat more types of foods without getting sick! Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity to improve our health!

Brandon & Vanessa - Food Allergies, Connecticut

Cathi has been amazing! Her treatments have worked like magic. I was told by an allergist that I needed to do 2 shots per week for a few years to treat this. I started the very expensive process and it was time consuming and very slow working. I met Cathi and after r the first basic 7 session, I was able to start feeling better! After completing the 2nd set I was able to eat all foods I was allergic to. Which has been many many years in which I was not able to. It is a great feeling knowing that withing a few weeks, I was able to start enjoying foods and activities I was not able to before.

Carlos P. - Food/Nutrient, Seasonal and Chemicals – Doc said I should live in a bubble allergies were so bad!, Allentown, PA

Huge Blessing! The Allergy Treatments has been a HUGE BLESSING!!!! I have struggled with issues since my early childhood (including learning/speech delays, poor handwriting/concentration, social awkwardness, etc.) When I had additional vaccinations during my military career, I soon noticed an increase in several existing and new areas (anxiety, anger and gastrointestinal, just to name a few). I have been on a very strict Gluten Free (and almost grain free - GAPS) diet for the past 18 months, but unfortunately it did not help my severe intolerance to gluten. It was not until I used The Allergy treatments, that I have finally felt relief from gluten! Now if I happen to eat something at a restaurant that has been slightly contaminated with gluten, I no longer have a reaction. THIS IS HUGE TO ME! In the past, when I ingested a gluten contaminated food, I would have to use bi-carb to calm my reaction and it still would often cause me to have a foggy brain for days. My family and I found it most helpful to keep ourselves well hydrated both before and after each session. There were many times post using vials 1-7 that I would notice that my body was detoxing. It seemed that the detox reactions normally only lasted about 25 hours.

Peter - Food Allergies - Gluten, Summerville, SC

Fear Vial stopped my Heart Palpations! Every morning when I wake up my heart starts racing and pounding very hard as if I was in a Fight or Flight situation for 10 years! The good news is - the FEAR vial freed me! I placed the FEAR Vial + the STRESS vial on my body. I did 3 sessions in one day 4 hours apart. I woke up the next morning with NO Heart racing. Thank you God that you can make a way where there seems to be no way. Thank you for The Allergy treatments and the EMOTION vials. It is a miracle!

Diana C - Food Allergies & Emotional Vials, West Hills, CA

I want to express how much my husband and I appreciate your help with your Life Coaching skills with an ongoing very trial-some family matter. Your presence truly made all the difference in the outcome of the matters at hand. We appreciated the way you were able to stay neutral in matters, while being alert to catch little but very important things said and your ability to quickly respond in a tactful yet bold manner to whomever needed direction. All of these things are what a Life Coach is supposed to do; neutral, alert, tactful yet bold. Even after all these years, we still periodically say to each other how grateful we are that you supported our family meeting, as we are still greatly benefiting by the results. Thank you so very much!

Beth - Life Coaching, Hamburg, PA

I have now used the allergy treatment and 4 other people and I have to recommend this amazing treatment. I have used health for touch to eradicate allergies in the past and NAET but I have to say they do not come close to this. It is non-invasive, cost effective and above all it has totally got rid of 20 years of food and intangible intolerance. What a great discovery!! Thank you for saving me and others from a lot of discomfort, disease and money!!!!! It is wonderful to feel healthy and eat everything I want to whenever. Thank you for always taking the time to explain things I am unsure about.  Best Regards

Shirley P. - Food Allergies, Hampshire

My FAMILY LOVES The ALLERGY TREATMENTS!!!!! I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since the age of 5. After having my second child, I received a vaccination, which seemed to trigger my health to decline quickly in several areas. I now have additional health issues with my thyroid, adrenal and weight. I have noticed recently that each time I am exposed to pesticides (even in mild form), I feel like I have the flu for days. I have been on an almost 100% grain free diet for a while now, but it has not helped my health as I had hoped it would. Each time I used The Allergy treatments, I would ingest lots of water prior to beginning and always sat in a chair with both feet flat on the floor during the treatments. Each time I would muscle test 2 days post each treatment to confirm that each vial treated previously had held strong ... and each did hold strong! I noticed after each treatment, I would often feel my body adjusting to the new frequency. I would feel not well; as though my body was fighting off a sickness, however the symptoms seemed to only lasted for a day. I especially noticed this after the vial that included toxins (pesticides a known problem for me) and the final vial which includes endocrine (my main health issue). To me, when I felt not well it meant my body was adjusting/cleansing and this was positive!

Anonymous - Food Allergies & Vaccinations, Location Not Submitted

Your treatment is fabulous! I couldn not believe it really worked on all of my allergies: lactose intolerance, pollen, dust, dogs and cats. My asthma is pretty much non-existent now. But the bad news is now that I can eat ice cream, I do! I have had weight struggles all of my life and kept it well in check until my 40s. It has become increasingly more and more difficult to lose weight even when I do eat right.

Sandy - Food Allergies & Seasonal/Environmental, Baltimore, MD

My allergies were so bad that I had to see a specialist who prescribed two different types of medication. They worked for a while, then they stopped and they were quite expensive. Worse, they had side effects that made my life miserable and kept me feeling yucky all the time. My life, as I once remembered, had turned to a daily fight just to feel good. I would wake up having a good day and something would happen to trigger an attack and it could take me days to recuperate. I tried so hard, but I could not really figure out what was causing my problems. My friend told me about a natural allergy treatments. At first I did not think anything about it. Nothing could help me. I tried everything. When she called me again, I promised to check it out. Still took 2 more weeks. But I am so happy that I did. The process is very different from anything I ever tried. It did not even make sense. But I did it anyway. I was desperate......And it worked! I now have a future without suffering. I’ve got my life back. I can eat almost anything, and life is looking better every day. My kids are next.

Jamie - Food Allergies, Location Not Submitted

Basically my husband, I and all 3 of our children after years of suffering went on a gluten free diet. My husband and girls all tested positive for Celiac Disease as well as my mother. I went on the diet before being tested and responded well to the diet. For 8 years we suffered with reading labels and avoiding events centered around food, especially birthdays. It did help us feel a little better but made life miserable and any cross contamination made us sick again. My youngest began breaking out in hives and her face and hands would swell when she was exposed to flour in the air at homes where people were cooking.  That was the last straw.  World of hurt!  My cousin found allergy treatments but I figured she had been duped. Now we knew it was indeed possible, we all wanted to get rid of our allergies. It has changed our lives so much1 No more passing on social activities or sitting with an empty plate at them. I am no longer dreading the summer season, now I am excited that I can go out and enjoy summer activities. They say you cannot cure Celiac Disease. I do not know what happened, all I know is we can eat whatever we want again1 The Allergy Treatments are truly a God send and I thank Him every day for this miracle.  I tell everyone!  My sister and parents have gotten their treatments and are enjoying better health, as well as a few other relatives we know. The most amazing is that my mom is in her 70s and was a very sensitive Celiac patient who now has no problems with eating foods containing gluten.  Now my hope is that everyone can hear about or find this know that they no longer have to suffer with allergies.

Ann - Celiac Disease/Gluten, Arizona

I have been a long-time sufferer of eczema ever since childhood. I have been given various steroid creams to treat the symptoms and that is about all the doctors knew how to do. A few years ago I found that certain foods triggered my eczema (gluten and dairy) and that if I abstained from those foods for a period of time, my body was able to recover and the rashes went away. However there are so many delicious dishes out there to enjoy! Having to restrict my diet in this way was taking some of the joy out of eating. It was frustrating to have to order a less appetizing item on the menu because the one I really wanted had cheese on it. Pizza was a huge no-no, and gluten-free crusts all taste like crackers. What is a foodie to do? I had my doubts about whether this unorthodox system would work but I was willing to give it a shot. What did I have to lose? I was really looking forward to throwing away these harmful steroid creams. To my disappointment there was very little difference. Luckily I remembered reading that multiple treatments may be needed, depending on how severe your allergies are, so I did a second round of treatments... and this time I saw a difference! I was able to eat a lot more no-no foods before I saw any flare ups in my skin. I am going to perform additional treatments to get even better, but I now have hope that I can be rid of these allergies for good. If you are on the fence about whether to try it or not, I say go for it. Western medicine is completely ruled by the pharmaceutical industry, so give these alternative treatments a chance.

Zoe - Food Allergies - Gluten, San Diego, CA

I am a Dr. of Chiropractic. Having suffered with allergic reactions my whole life and been subjected to countless scratch tests for allergic reactions and the subsequent years of serum injections, I was intrigued by your system and products. A friend who also suffers from severe allergies used your product and recommended it to me. I have been very satisfied with the results of using the Allergy treatments. There is been a dramatic reduction in the allergic response to my sensitivity to grains, lactose, and molds which I attribute to your product. Thank you for the development of this process. I am over the age of 70 and looking forward to years of allergy free living.

Anonymous Chiropractor - Food Allergies & Seasonal/Environmental, Location Not Submitted

I have suffered with food and environmental allergies for most of my life and had reached a point where my diet was extremely limited. I had to exercise caution going out in public due to exposure to chemicals. I had tried and had decent results with allergy treatments with a practitioner, but found the cost of the visits to be prohibitive, especially for follow up re-treatments. Finding These allergy treatments has been the BEST thing to happen to me on my journey to wellness. This gives me the tools I need and with wonderful results and is simple and straightforward to use! I am now able to enjoy foods that I had written off for good and I am fit and actively participating in life again! I had long given up hope of finding anything which would help me overcome my chronic condition but the home allergy treatment has given me hope and relief for what I assumed was a lifelong condition. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!

Brenda B. - Seasonal/Environmental/Chemical Sensitivities, Location Not Submitted

I will go to the kinesiologist today and he will muscle test my daughter for lactose, casein and gluten. I am 100% confident, he will find a firm arm... so will report back. Just came back from the kinesiologists...Her muscle test for lactose, casein and gluten were perfect! Yay! I will do many more treatments on her, but these were her worst allergies. I was certain it would be that way, but to have it mega confirmed, is amazing. Thanks!

Claudia V - Food Allergies, Location Not Submitted

Since I have started using the allergy kit my quality of life has improved dramatically. I used to be allergic to almost everything and have had a wide array of symptoms from lactose intolerance to frequent sinus infections. I have not been sick since I started the treatments several months ago and I stopped taking allergy medication almost immediately. I continue to get more treatments and feel better every week it seems.

Jessica E. - Food Allergies & Lactose, Yuma, Arizona

As a naturopathic doctor since 1993 I have learned and used many modalities in and out of my practice. When I became allergic to certain foods I knew what I had to do. Through my education and knowledge I started the process and made headway with the hives and allergies. However, it seemed like no matter what I did I did not seem to conquer them completely. I began doing research to see if there was anything new to learn and came across the Allergy treatments. I did the treatments and within three rounds I can say I am eating any food I wish without any allergic reaction or hives. I have decided to try dog allergy treatments for a friend as well as the emotional vials for experimentation and look forward to the results. On a side note I want to say that working with you over the phone has been a pleasure. The service and commitment servicing the customer base is complimentary to a great product.

Dr. Sharrie H. - Food Allergies - Environmental Resetting & Pet Allergy Treatments for Their Animals, Location Not Submitted

My relationship with my girlfriend was going along very well until she got this cat. I am allergic to cats. I told her it was either me or the cat. Well, that did not work. She said I would get used to her. I did not. As our relation continued to get better, she asked if I would move in with her. I was apprehensive because the longer I stayed around the cat, the worse I got. This was the love of my life; how could I say no. The Allergy treatment saved my life and my relationship. After going through the treatments, I was surprised to be able to stay for extended periods of time around the cat. Now the cat and I are best friends. She can stay on my lap and I have to say that I am really attached to that little guy. Thank you!

Kevin - Cat Allergy, Location Not Submitted

My daughter is 9 years old and has suffered from stomach aches for as long as I can remember. I tried everything to help her but did not know what to do. After the first allergy treatment, her stomach aches just went away. Gone! Zippo!  It brings tears to my eyes to realize how many years she suffered.  If I only knew about The Allergy treatments earlier.

Jennifer - Food Allergies, Location Not Submitted

My daughter Izabel started treatments with Cathi with Natural Health Relief Strategies. She had personal knowledge of the allergy treatments helping the Autistic but had never had any opportunity to work with anyone directly. I was very skeptical but Cathi showed me how the allergy treatments work prior to treating Belle. She showed me one of her allergy vials and when Cathi tested me, I was strong and she could not pull my fingers apart. A soon as I touched one of the allergy vials I was completely weak and this amazed me. Then she cleared me of this allergy and she could not budge my fingers after that. Started to believe there might be something to this. I was thinking this was a bunch of hooey! I think differently now! During the 7th treatment, Belle started making some voluntary utterances completely out of the norm for Belle. Prior to this typically, 1 word answers to some basic questions and Belle did great with this. We as a family have worked very hard with her with her greetings and how to respond to people. The next week we started to see some additional communication there were 4 incidents of voluntary utterances. The one day, when Belle’s older sister came into the house she said “Mom is not here she is still at work.” All the while she is looking outside where my car is usually parked. Cathi viewed this as very helpful because it told us not only did she have the language skills available to her, she really understood lots of things, maybe most everything. Previously, an allergy was creating an inability to make the right connections and Belle was unable to express it. This is changed!

Louise O - (1st Section) - Allergy Elimination - Seasonal - Brain Rebalancing - Chemical Sensitivities - Emotional Resetting, Allentown, PA

The following week Belle was talking up a storm and most of her sentences contain more than 4 words and lots of full sentences coming from her too. I let Belle talk and chatter her on now. I have been waiting on these conversations for 14 years. Belle actually has of conversations regularly. In the beginning when Cathi would ask “How she is?” How was school? Belle always gives a response of “Good.” Cathi would keep asking questions but Belle was silent after that. This week Cathi asked the additional questions and she got short responses to each one. As a voluntarily utterance she told Cathi something about the cartoon she was watching and it was a in full sentence. Cathi and I looked at each other both surprised. Belle woke me Leo and I up at 4 am the other day. She was complaining of being sick at her stomach and feeling cold. At the first treatment, I had told Cathi my biggest worry, is that Belle had no way to ever let her know when something is wrong with her. I cannot tell you how excited we are. Belle also continues to be much calmer most all the time. The school also sent a note home stating Belle’s eating style has changed, she used to shovel food in as fast as possible and she always finished her snacks. Cathi had been using the Brain – Body –Balancing (BBB) vial and this change came after using this treatment. Cathi has seen changes in appetite using this vial with other clients. Cathi believes this vial re-balances the hippo campus, which changes the appetite. The school stated Belle now eats very slowly now and does not even eat all her snacks. We cannot wait to see what else may happen next.

Louise O (2nd Section) - Allergy Elimination - Seasonal - Brain Rebalancing - Chemical Sensitivities - Emotional Resetting, Allentown, PA

Belle seems happier being able to communicate better. This week we found Izabel started creating some organization routines for herself. She has a pendant given to her by Cathi and I had emphasized to her how important it was to be very careful with this. Belle had seen me put the pendant on the switch of a floor lamp we have. After that Belle started putting the pendant on the lamp each day after school. If Cathi is coming I would tell her she was on the way so she would go and put her pendant on. Then return it to the light after the treatment. In the morning as soon as she is dressed she goes to put her pendant on for school. She also has designated the area she is going to charge her tablet and she always charges it in the same spot. After the tablet is charged she has another areas set-up to keep her tablet when she is not using it. Cathi asked me “So she has always been like this, with specific organizational plans?” I told her “No she has never done anything like that before.” We very excited about all the many changes we are seeing and are very hopeful about what else might change with our amazing daughter.  Very cool overall!

Louise O (3rd Section) - Allergy Elimination - Seasonal - Brain Rebalancing- Chemical Sensitivities - Emotional Resetting, Allentown, PA

In a recent Parkland School evaluation we had confirmation we have helped to improve Izabel’s cognitive ability. Benchmarks are assigned and these are worked with Belle on a weekly basis: • One benchmark is greetings including commenting, answering, requesting and sharing. In June, she was at 40% and in January she was at 67%. • Her second benchmark, Izabel was given a picture and corresponding word. She will then identify the rhyming word from an array of three. In June she showed a baseline of 28% accuracy. In January 2017 she has been identifying all the rhyming words with 100% accuracy. Her first 100% ever! • Belle is shown sight words with and Izabel is to read these words reading out loud. In June of 2016, she had an established baseline of 25%. When evaluated in January these results were obtained: “She is reading the book, ‘My Home’, 5 words, my, is, and home.  Edmark fast food restaurant words hamburger. “ • Working with dollar bills and shown numerical amounts rounded to the nearest dollar and Izabel will out the correct number of bills. In June baseline was 0% and November was about 40% accuracy. In January of 2017 given $5 in bills, Izabel counts and select the correct dollar amount with 80% accuracy. • Izabel is shown a time and verbally provided the time. She is to match the time with a specific daily event to the correct time. In June her baseline was 20% and in November she was at 33% accuracy. In January, 2017 she matched the picture to the time with 67% accuracy, more than twice an improvement in just 2 months.

Louise O (4th Section) - Allergy Elimination - Seasonal - Brain Rebalancing - Chemical Sensitivities - Emotional Resetting, Allentown, PA

Izabel’s most recent new behavior is has started trying to sing.  When we are at Church Belle tries to join in on the singing even though she does not know the words.   I have also has recently found that Izabel knows many of the songs from her movies.  She has been watching these for years and we now realize she has memorized the words to these songs.  This is nothing she had ever done in the past or maybe she could memorize them but was not able to communicate these to us.   There are also some songs from the radio that she likes and she has started singing these too with all the words memorized.  This shows us she had the capability for memorization but no way to communicate the songs from her head and that has changed. Izabel for the first time actually expressed her true opinion about how she was doing.  Just this week when Cathi asked her how she was doing she said “Not good!”  Then Cathi inquired about school and she also stated “Not good!”  She asked how come, why was school “Not good!”  She stated because of her friend.  We do not know exactly what happened at school but it was exciting to see Belle being able to express genuine feelings.  Cathi continued to have about a fifteen minute discussion with Izabel, not fully understanding everything she said but at least 60%.  The whole family and school have worked very hard with Izabel and her greetings and she always provided canned responses she was trained to, so it is exciting to see her freely expressing genuine feelings about how she felt about her day.

Louise O (5th Section) - Allergy Elimination - Seasonal - Brain Rebalancing - Chemical Sensitivities - Emotional Resetting, Allentown, PA

Cathi worked with me because I had a nutritional testing with my doctor due to a break in my ankles. I also had osteoporosis at only 32 because I was not absorbing calcium or Vitamin D. With the extensive testing, I found I was either a zero number in every category but some nutrients were actually a negative number (Not sure how a nutrient could be a negative number.) This meant even though I was eating very healthy and taking supplementation, I was not absorbing anything. Cathi felt this was because I was allergic to some food items and the nutrients were not being absorbed because of allergic reactions to these items. The body was flushing these items out of my system because it was seeing my allergens as a danger to the body and just flushing them out of the system without absorbing anything. We worked for 2 months doing treatments for everything I took into my body and things we knew might be an issue for me. I was retested by my physician and found I was now in normal ranges on all nutrients previously tested. I am so grateful for these treatment as they literally changed my life!

Penny - Food Allergies & Chemical Sensitivities, Kutztown, PA


Allergy Eliminator – Your Allergies Will Not Be Back!


Natural Health Relief Strategies - seasonal allergies weeds

Allergies can cause so many different symptoms in the body. The Allergy Relief Treatments reprograms the body to respond favorably to the foods you eat, a seasonal allergy or a chemical sensitivity. Instead of having your normal allergic reaction you will not respond at all. Not all allergies are completely obvious. Often an allergic reaction is just a weakening of the body. When muscle testing you will see just touching your allergen will weaken your body. Now just imagine actually taking this food into your body and it being in your system of numerous days! Imagine your allergen going through your whole digestive and weakening your body all the way. I am sure you realize having allergies causing reactions in the body for even a short time is damaging. This could be why you and probably your entire family need allergy elimination treatments.

When allergies are causing a reaction, the allergen is causing the body to react negatively. The meridians in the body react negatively and cause allergies to rear their symptoms. The meridians sort of a memory but this memory can be retrained. In reality it is the T-Cells creating antibodies causing your body to react similar and the need for Allergy Relief. The meridians reaction to an allergen can harm the body instead of nourish it. Meridians in the body are very important they are our energy channels transporting our life energy throughout the body. These meridians can become blocked and they lead to a lack of energy to specific areas of the body. Much depends upon the affect part of the body.

They are energy channels or Meridians transport life energy (Chi/Qi) throughout the body. Energy blockages can be the result of stress, an injury, trauma, bad eating habits or a lack of exercise. The Meridians can be traced to the root of many health problems resulting from. Thus the need for Allergy Relief!

Personally, one time, I had made an Asian meal and immediately I got screaming your head off intense pain on each side of my spine and throwing up. This was over seven years ago when I first started doing Allergy Relief treatments. I knew it had to be a blocked Meridian. I cleared all my Meridians and vomiting stopped but the intense pain was very strong. I was sure I was heading to the emergency room.

I kept clearing my Meridians, knowing the ER would not find anything because clearly it was the Meridians reacting to something I was allergic to in the Asian meal. I needed Allergy Relief! Finally, after my third round clearing my blocked Meridians, the pain was gone as instantly as it had come on. When I looked at my book to see which Meridian had been blocked and sure enough, it was for the Kidneys. Pain in your back on each side of your spine! Right where your Kidneys located. If, I had been thinking clearly, I could have reasoned the stomach Meridian was blocked thus the vomiting, I cleared this one right away. If I had been able to think about clearly I would have realized it was the Kidneys.

The Natural Health Relief Strategies helps your body reestablish a positive relationship with the allergen. When you are are having an allergic response, the acupuncture meridians are freaking out and the communication inside the brain is impaired. By stimulating acupuncture meridians in the presence of the allergies, we’re able to change the incorrect response. We eliminate the allergies symptoms in the process. You will see after 3-6 rounds of clearing Meridians you will no longer test weak to your Allergen. Allergy Relief!!

We substitute frequency infused vials instead of the actual food, seasonal allergen or a chemical sensitivity. The vials are a homeopathic representation of the actual food, chemical or seasonal allergen. The treatment tells the body what allergen we are treating. By stimulating the acupuncture Meridians, the body calms down. Just like my intense pain by clearing the Kidney Meridian. It’s that simple and the next time you come in contact with the allergen, the body stays in a balanced state and has no reaction.

We use the laser method using a red cold laser to clear your allergies. We will place a vial on or near your navel Meridian. It must be touching the skin. Laser through the vial onto the navel for about 30 seconds. Next, you next laser the right ear for about 30 seconds, then the top of the head for 30 seconds. Then you will laser your left ear for about 30 seconds and finish up with the belly button area. No abstinence is required as with other Allergy Relief Treatments.




Natural Health Relief Strategies- food allergies