Atkins for Carb Lovers!

The internet is buzzing about the fun new way to go low-carb one that uses special versions of pancakes, noodles and rice to help dieters burn fat a whole lot faster. The key? A fiber-like compound called resistant starch, which has recently been proven to amp up the slimming benefits of protein. “When you combine resistant starch with high quality protein, you get what I call the secret sauce,” says Paul Arciero, D.P.E., Director of Skidmore College’s Human Nutrition & Metabolism Lab. When Arciero conducted a study comparing a variety of pancake breakfasts, he found that meals prepared with a mix of resistant starch and protein caused women to automatically “burn 20% more fat and feel 80% more full,” Arciero notes. “The results were astounding!”

Results are pretty astounding in the real world, too. Dieters who add resistant starch to a protein-rich plan like Atkins report losing faster than ever, shedding 50, 100, even 150 pounds or more. Teri Tenseth Market pairs shrimp and chicken with shirataki, a Japanese style noodle made mostly of resistant starch. By adding the noodles to her protein-rich menus, “that urge to aimlessly search the cabinets and fridge between meals was just gone,” says the 69 pounds slimmer Minnesota social media manager 36. Better yet, “I became a fat-burning machine!”

Resistant Starch FAQs

What exactly is resistant starch? Found naturally in foods like shirataki noodles (made from knojac yams,) oats, beans and bananas, “It’s a variety of starch that literally resists the body’s efforts to break it down, explains Arciero. It resists for so long, it actually begins to ferment inside us, a process that releases fat-incinerating chemicals called butyrates. University of Colorado research shows a single resistant-starch-rich meal produces enough butyrates to rev fat burn for a full 24 hours. Bonus Arciero says resistant starch is a “potent prebiotic”, which means it feeds good bacteria in our digestive tracts that help trigger effortless weight loss!

Why Does Resistant, Starch Work Better than Protein?

Scientists don’t know for sure. What they do know is that protein on it’s own stimulates metabolism and resistant starch on its own revs fat burning. “When you combine the two, it’s a double-whammy and then some,” says Arciero, whose pancake study tested the nutrients both separately and together. On top of turbo-charging metabolism and fat burning, the protein-starch combo also spiked anti-hunger hormones highest!

Does it Matter What Diet I Use?

Arciero says you’ll get a fat-burning boost by pairing healthy protein and resistant starch even if you’re not dieting at all. For top-speed weight loss, may women swear by incorporating two servings of resistant starch a day while following Atkins. Since the famous plan cuts back on the body’s preferred energy source – carbs, it forces your system to begin burning more fat for energy. Resistant starch further helps speed fat burning. Shirataki noodles contain no carbs at all, so you can add them as often as you want. “For me, they made the plan much easier to stick with,” says 90 pounds slimmer Massachusetts reader Rosemary Reed, 64. “I discovered them while I was on an Adkins plateau that had lasted a year. The noodles really jump started my weight loss again!”

Want to see how well Atkins plus resistant starch will work for you? We’ve got yummy menus for you to try, below, so you can get started right away. Our nutrition team is even sharing a version of Arciero’s “secret sauce” pancakes that fit easily in the Atkins plan!

How Will i Know It’s Working?

“You can feel it right away,” says Jodi Suson, 53. After recovering from a decades long health crisis, the Illinois small business owner was inspired to create her own low-carb plan using only wholesome foods. “When I found Miracle Noodles, it was just a no-brainer for me. They’re made from vegetable and veggies are good! Just by eating them once or twice a day, I no longer had ravenous craving,” says Jodi, who loves adding shirataki to chicken soup. “I started to drop weight fast.” Al told Jody lost 85 pounds. “Once you get started, it feels so good and becomes so easy!”

It Worked For Me! Teri lost 69 pounds! Minnesota’s Teri Tenseth Market, 36 discovered shirataki noodles while on a crash diet: “I would have lost my noodle without them, pun intended!” The crash was a bust, but Teri eventually began incorporating resistant-starch-rich shirataki into a healthy carb-controlled approach. “They’re a perfect weight loss food, because they let you feel satisfied while keeping your carb intake healthy. When you feel great from eating well, there’s no temptation to eat poorly,” says the fitness buff, who once wore size 14 despite frequent workouts. Today, she’s toned size 4!

Teri’s best tip: Build muscle! Toning moves “Make women strong and firm, not bulky. Muscle helps your body to burn even more fat!”

Protein + resistant starch = Ultra-Fast Fat Burning!

Inspired by success stories who use resistant starch to amp up low-carb plans, our nutrition team created these yummy no-fuss menus for you to try. They fit nicely within new Atkins Diet guidelines, which allow for a healthy serving of protein at each sitting, up to 40 grams of of carbs daily and unlimited natural fat (such as olive oil and grass fed butter.) A note abut shirataki: The success stories we spoke to love Miracle Noodles, Skinny Noodles and Nasoya Pasta Zero. While using this plan, season meals to your liking using natural, ultra-low-carb extras, such as herbs, spices, vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice, hot sauce and Stevia. Sip all the water and other zero carb beverages you like. As always, get your Doctor’s okay to try an new plan.

Breakfast: Choose One Daily

Option 1 – 1 serving Fat-burning Pancakes, recipe below:

Option 2 – 1/2 cup of Oatmeal, drizzle with sugar-free syrup and 4 ounces of turkey sausage.

Lunch Choose One Daily:

Option 1 – 6 ounces of Shrimp or any lean protein; 2 cups of reduced-sodium broth; 1 cup asparagus cuts; dash each toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds; shirataki noodles and hot sauce to taste.

Option 2 – 6 ounces of grilled chicken over 2 cups of salad; 1 Tbsp. of sliced almonds, 2 Tbs shirataki rice (optional,) 2 Tbsp. full fat dressing.

Option 3 – 1 ready made low carb shake; if desired, whip in blender with a few ice cubes and up to 2 Tbsp hi-maize flour (a great low-carb source of resistant starch.)

Dinner Choose One Daily:

Option 1 – Quick Spaghetti and Meatballs Cook 8 ounces shirataki spaghetti per package directions; serve with 6 warmed Aidell’s Italian-style chicken meatballs and 2 Tbsp of Parmesan cheese; 1/2 cup of steamed broccoli, drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice.

Option 2 – Chicken Stir-Fry: Heat 1 tsp sesame or olive oil in pan, add 2 chopped green onion stalks and 1 cup pea pods; saute 1 minute, then push aside in pan. Heat another tsp. oil and scramble 1 lightly beaten eggs. Stir 4 ounces of shredded cooked chicken breast, 8 ounce package Shirataki rice (prepared per package directions and 2 tbsp. of soy sauce; combine all in

Option 3 – 6 ounces steak, 1 cup of cauliflower mashed, 1 tsp. hi-maize flour (optional) with 1 Tbsp. each cream, butter and Parmesan, 1/2 cup Brussels sprouts or any green veggie roasted with oil.

Snacks – Enjoy Two Daily if Needed to Control Hunger

Option 1 – Hard cooked egg

Option 2 – 2-3 ounces left over protein

Option 3 – 12 almonds or macadamia or 16 pistachios

DIY Menus! to create your own turbocharged Atkins-style menus, build each serving of protein, unlimited pure fat and some shirataki noodles or a little hi-maize flour. Also include up to 40 grams of crab* daily. Free tools at make tracking carbs a cinch! Footnote: When eating a food with carbs, subtract its fiber grams from its total carb grams and only cunt that number, fiber is an indigestible form of carbs that don’t count toward your daily total.

Try these fat-burning pancakes! Inspired by the fat-burning recipe created at Skidmore College, this breakfast treat is low in carbs, rich in resistant starch, packed with nutrients and is totally delicious!
1/4 Cup hi-maize flour
1/4 cup flaxseed or chia, milled
1/4 cup of raw oats
1/4 cup all-purposed flour
1 tsp.of baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 egg
2 egg whites
1 scoop whey protein powder
1 Tbsp. oil
8 ounces of seltzer
In a large bowl mix all ingredients together. Heat griddle to 375F, spray with non-stick cooking spray and cook pancakes as you normally would. Serve with drizzle of sugar-free syrup. Makes 4 servings, 20 grams carbs each.

The Best Sources for Resistant Starch!

For maximum benefit, experts recommend aiming for an extra 10 grams of resitant starch daily. The best ways to do that…

Eat This:…8 ounces of package shirataki noodles or rice, 0-15 calories and 0-1 grams carbs (varies by brand.) …Get this much resistant starch: 3 grams.

Eat This…1/4 cup raw rolled oats, 73 calories, 17 grams of carbs …Get this much resistant starch: 4 grams.

Eat This…1 Tbsp. hi-maize, 10 calories and 2 grams of carbs …Get this much resistant starch: 5 grams.

Eat This…1/2 cup white beans or lentils, about 110 calories and 17 grams …Get this much resistant starch: 3-4 grams.

Eat This…1 potato (cooked and cooled 160 calories and26 grams of carbs …Get this much resistant starch: 2.5 grams.

Eat This…1/2 banana, 52 calories and 14 grams of carbs …Get this much resistant starch: 2.5 grams.