Lack of CoQ10 = Fatigue!

Antioxidant Revs Brainpower by 55%!  Supplementing with Coenzyme Q10 can help eliminate menopausal brain fog and memory lapses.   The journal Neurochemistry International showed when mice had their ovaries removed to (simulate menopause) were given CoQ10 supplementation, they were able to complete a maze up to 55% fast than mice that were not given this supplement.  The reason is estrogen protects brain cells form damaging oxidative stress, so when levels of the hormone drop in menopause, women experience memory issues and foggy thinking, explains study author Rajat Sandhir, Ph.D. The antioxidants in CoQ10 can protect neurons form the harmful effects of oxidative stress.  Sandhir says, “Women would likely experience the same mental perks by taking this supplement.

One M.D. reported she would collapse after dinner because her fatigue was so great.  The after dinner walks had gone by the wayside a

nd were impossible.  As a busy Doctor and physically active doing dance and Zumba classes was unable to continue at her previous pace.  Not only was she exhausted but she was just plain tired and also suffered from insomnia, muscle and joint pain, irritable, water retention, brain fog and short-tempered.  Although, trying to incorporate relaxation techniques and taking supplements.   She found CoQ10 could help with inflammation, antioxidant benefits, help restore energy, ease weakness, muscle cramps and pain.  It was also very beneficial for cardiovascular health.   Also determined stores of this supplement decline due to age and hormonal changes.   After running blood work, she found herself to be deficient.  Within two weeks she felt much improvement and within one month she felt herself back to normal and shortly she found herself sharp instead of brain fog.  Poor moods were replaced happiness and energy.

A shortfall of the antioxidant CoQ10 is robbing the energy of millions of women.  “By age 40, more than 90% of women are low in CoQ10, says cardiologist Peter Langsjoen, M.D., a leading CoQ10 researcher.  Without enough, women suffer mood swings, fog and fatigue.   Most sufferers go undiagnosed because the symptoms are so common and because doctors are largely unaware of the importance of CoQ10.   You can be deficient in CoQ10 even if you get additional supplemental assistance.  The primary reason is certain forms are better absorbed than others.  If you are supplementing with the wrong form, your body uses just a fraction of the CoQ10 in each pill which does not help with deficiency.  Other factors that play a role in deficiency include chronic stress, illness (trigger inflammation that drains CoQ10), taking statins (block CoQ10 production) and limiting red meat (rich in CoQ10.)

Doctor’s can run blood work to measure your CoQ10 levels but because deficiencies are so common, you may have two or more symptoms list below:

Is An Antioxidant Shortfall Behind Your Energy Slump?

If you have fatigue and two or more of the symptoms below you may need more CoQ10:

X  Brain fog 

X Poor Memory

X  High Blood Sugar

X  Mood Swings

X  Muscle Weakness     

X  Headaches

X  Body Aches

X  Irritability

The most effective supplements contain Kaneka Ubiquinol, a research-backed from of CoQ10 that is better absorbed than other types, says Dr. Langsjoen.  He suggests taking 100 mg three times a day.   An option is 60 softgels because this contains tocotrienols (crucial component of the entire spectrum of vitamin E with their own unique health benefits), which Talbett says can boost CoQ10 absorption.  Exercising for 30 minutes three times a  week can boost CoQ10 but these need to be moderate workouts; as vigorous can make the shortfall even worse.