Below is a testimonial from the mother of a current Allergy Elimination Treatment who suffers from Autism.

My daughter Izabel started treatments with Cathi with Natural Health Relief Strategies. She had personal knowledge of the allergy treatments helping the Autistic but had never had any opportunity to work with anyone directly. I was very skeptical but Cathi showed me how the allergy treatments work prior to treating Belle. She showed me one of her allergy vials and when Cathi tested me, I was strong and she could not pull my fingers apart. A soon as I touched one of the allergy vials I was completely weak and this amazed me. Then she cleared me of this allergy and she could not budge my fingers after that. That is when I started to believe there might be something to this. I was thinking this was a bunch of hooey! I think differently now! After the 7th treatment, Belle started making some voluntary utterances completely out of the norm for Belle. Prior to this typically, 1 word answers to some basic questions and Belle did great with this. We as a family have worked very hard with her with her greetings and teaching her how to respond to people. The next week we started to see some additional communication there were 4 incidents of voluntary utterances. The one day, when Belle’s older sister came into the house she said “Mom is not here she is still at work.” All the while she is looking outside where my car is usually parked. Cathi viewed this as very helpful because it told us not only did she have the language skills available to her, she really understood lots of things, maybe most everything. Previously, an allergy was creating an inability to make the right connections and Belle was unable to express it. This has changed!

The following week Belle was talking up a storm and most of her sentences contain more than 4 words and lots of full sentences coming from her too. I let Belle talk and chatter her on now. I have been waiting on these conversations for 14 years. Belle actually has of conversations regularly. In the beginning when Cathi would ask “How she is?” How was school? Belle always gives a response of “Good.” Cathi would keep asking questions but Belle was silent after that. This week Cathi asked the additional questions and she got short responses to each one. As a voluntarily utterance she told Cathi something about the cartoon she was watching and it was a in full sentence. Cathi and I looked at each other both surprised. Belle woke me Leo and I up at 4 am the other day. She was complaining of being sick at her stomach and feeling cold. At the first treatment, I had told Cathi my biggest worry, is that Belle had no way to ever let her know when something is wrong with her. I cannot tell you how excited we are. Belle also continues to be much calmer most all the time. The school also sent a note home stating Belle’s eating style has changed, she used to shovel food in as fast as possible and she always finished her snacks. Cathi had been using the Brain – Body – Balancing (BBB) vial and this change came after using this treatment. Cathi has seen changes in appetite using this vial with other clients. Cathi believes this vial re-balances the hippo-campus, which changes the appetite. The school stated Belle now eats very slowly and does not even eat all her snacks. We cannot wait to see what else may happen next. Belle seems happier being able to communicate better.

This week we found Izabel started creating some organization routines. She has a pendant given to her by Cathi and I had emphasized to her how important it was to be very careful with this. Belle had seen me put the pendant on the switch for a floor lamp we have one day. After that Belle started putting the pendant on the lamp each day after school. If Cathi is coming I would tell her she was on the way so she would put the pendant on. Then return it to the light after the treatment. In the morning as soon as she is dressed she goes to put her pendant on for school. She also has designated the area she is going to charge her tablet and she always charges it in the same are. After the tablet is charged she has another areas set-up to keep her tablet when she is not using it. Cathi asked me “So she has always been like this, with specific organizational plans?” I told her “No she has never done anything like that before.”

In a recent Parkland School evaluation we had confirmation we have helped to improve Izabel’s cognitive ability. Benchmarks are assigned and these are worked with Belle on a weekly basis:

• One benchmark is greetings including commenting, answering, requesting and sharing. In June, she was at 40% and in January she was at 67%.

• Her second benchmark, Izabel was given a picture and corresponding word. She will then identify the rhyming word from an array of three. In June she showed a baseline of 28% accuracy. In January 2017 she has been identifying all the rhyming words with 100% accuracy. Her first 100% ever!

• Belle is shown sight words with and Izabel is to read these words reading out loud. In June of 2016, she had an established baseline of 25%. When evaluated in January these results were obtained: “She is reading the book, ‘My Home’ 5 words, my, is, and home. Edmark fast food restaurant words hamburger.

• Working with dollar bills and shown numerical amounts rounded to the nearest dollar and Izabel will out the correct number of bills. In June baseline was 0% and November was about 40% accuracy. In January of 2017 given $5 in bills, Izabel counts and select the correct dollar amount with 80% accuracy.

• Izabel is shown a time and verbally provided the time. She is to match the time with a specific daily event to the correct time. In June her baseline was 20% and in November she was at 33% accuracy. In January, 2017 she matched the picture to the time with 67% accuracy.

Izabel’s most recent new behavior is has started trying to sing. When we are at Church Belle tries to join in on the singing even though she does not know the words. I have also has recently found that Izabel knows many of the songs from her movies. She has been watching these for years and we now realize she has memorized the words to these songs. This is nothing she had ever done in the past or maybe she could memorize them but was not able to communicate these to us. There are also some songs from the radio that she likes and she has started singing these too with all the words memorized. This shows us she had the capability for memorization but no way to communicate the songs from her head and that has changed.

Izabel for the first time actually expressed her true opinion about how she was doing. Just this week when Cathi asked her how she was doing she said “Not good!” Then Cathi inquired about school and she also stated “Not good!” She asked how come, why was school “Not good!” She stated because of her friend. We do not know exactly what happened at school but it was exciting to see Belle being able to express genuine feelings. Cathi continued to have about a fifteen minute discussion with Izabel, not fully understanding everything she said but at least 60 %. The whole family and school have worked very hard with Izabel and her greetings and she always provided canned responses she was trained to, so it is exciting to see her freely expressing genuine feelings about how she felt about her day.