7 Life Draining – 7 Life Strengthening Statements

Draining: My health is so bad – I don’t eat right nor get enough rest.

Strengthening: I know I am of good health – I eat right and get enough rest daily and will continue to my goals

Draining: I dislike my job and this business is consuming all of my free time and nothing is working for me.

Strengthening: My job/business is an all-consuming love affair and I attract whatever I need through it.

Draining: I am very tired unhealthy and displeased with my life, there is neither joy nor happiness in my life.

Strengthening: I am prosperous, healthy and happy – I live in abundance and a healthy happy life.

Draining: I give so much to other people and forget to take care of me. It makes me feel sad about myself.

Strengthening: I open my mind and heart to the beauty, joy and harmony of the Universe – I enjoy it and do what pleases me.

Draining: I don’t love myself, neither do I receive the respect from others, I don’t feel like it deserve it.

Strengthening: I love and respect myself at all times – I demand respect from the circle of friends, family and clients.

Draining: I feel like a failure all the time in my business and projects that I commit myself to.

Strengthening: I will think positive of failures thoughts of myself every day that I rise up. I will say to myself I am the greatest.

Draining: I feel that I always set limits and boundaries for myself.

Strengthening: I accept that I am an unlimited being and that I can create anything I want and I will be limitless.