Jorge Cruise and Yale Researchers have found just taking in one Vegan meal can help you to fire up fat burn and turn off your hunger. It has been found Adults who are on a plant based diet lost more than 240% more weight over a six month period of time.  This is compared to those eating meat and dairy products. Those eating more plant based foods burned more than two and half times more belly fat.  Giving up your fish, cheese and yogurt seem very extreme especially since these items are considered “Good for You!” You can be missing out on very valuable nutrients  following  a straight 100% vegan meal plan and are at greater risk for deficiencies.

Making a switch to semi-vegan makes much more sense than straight vegan. This can really give you a jump start on weight loss without deficiencies in key areas like B-12, Vitamin D, Calcium and zinc. If you have even minor short falls in these nutrients it can impact weight loss negatively. These can affect things such as hunger, metabolic slow down and low moods. It is interesting but there are more ex-Vegans than there are current Vegans. This shows just how tough this lifestyle can be. Jorge Cruise wanted to figure out a way integrate good plant based foods but on a part-time basis. He is recommending “When you start off the day eating healing and cleansing food, you set the stage to have success all day.” A plant based meal set off a series of hormones and this cuts hunger triggers and fire up the metabolism. It is thought if you load up with veggies and whole grains you will burn more calories later. Dr. Fuhrman, an Ivy League trained Nutrition Expert stated “You’re flooding the body with phytochemicals that don’t let fat cells grow.” It is also true eating in the morning leads to better blood sugar levels throughout the day.

It has been found those who start their day with plant based foods helping the pounds to come off quicker. Some losing up to 11 pounds a week even though they are enjoying meats and cheeses. This contributed feelings of satisfaction and most did not feel deprived. Middle-aged women have what is called menopot (pot belly due to menopause.) This melts very quickly with this eating plan. This plan improves or reduces “Bad LDL” and also keeps blood sugar levels in a better place. Your skin and hair will also look better and you should have more energy.


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