Alzheimer Reduction

Important for information about Alzheimer reduction by 61% by getting an additional 4 ounces of cheese or yogurt a day. They feel it is the health benefits to the brain nutrients like B12 and protein boosting the gluthiuone, an antioxidant reduces stress linked to Alzheimer’s. To keep your cognitive function primed, our aim should be for about 97 grams extra daily about 4 ounces. This information was stated by the American Geriatrics Society who tracked over 1,080 people.

Driving & Dehydration

There is a very strange driving hazard just as unsafe was driving drunk or sleep deprived according to the Physiology & Behavior. What is it you may ask? Information shows it is driving “DEHYDRATED!” When study subjects were given limited liquids to mimic mild dehydration individuals on average made 54% more mistakes and errors. Mild dehydration reduces concentration, slows down reaction times and negatively affects moods. Many feel you should drink half of you body weight to stay properly hydrated. I have personally seen this information to be true from my experience!

Cut Heart Disease & Hot Flashes

Data shows unsalted Tomato Juice can not only cut heart disease but the menopausal symptom, hot flashes can be reduced by as much as 16%. It helps keep triglycerides (bad fat linked to heart disease) in healthy ranges below 100 MG/DL stated Nutrition Journal. Information indicates when women with triglycerides level of 150 MG/LD they could see a drop by drinking one and a half cups of tomato juice daily Information indicates as low as 70 MG/LD. The juice’s phytonutrients prevent a build up of fats in the blood while GABA (calming amino acid) eases hot flashes.

Be More Active

Oregon State University researchers found information indicating adults who logged at least 300 minutes a week about 42 minutes a day of light activity had lower inflammation markers. Body fat was lowered and you do not have to do a constant 42 minutes you can accumulate it throughout the day. Moving more also helps to reduce stiffness and soreness. It also speeds up the metabolism.